RV | New York/Philippines

grew up in the Philippines, moved to New York and now back in the Philippines for my studies...

this account is dedicated to my fangirling

After years of waiting, seeing what you’ve become now— from my gangster, into a man and now, a father. It was all worth it.



Timeless Beauty

[cto for the pics and resources i used.]

my OTP is puurrfect
i can't breath
Anonymous: fmk DJ's characters whether movie or series

fvck Kenneth (hot hot hot! in case you haven’t seen sdtg yet)

marry Joaquin (he’s still my favorite as of now..)

kill Ryan (need i say more? :p)


butttt they’re all DJ sooo


Are you willing to date a gangster? #KathNielOnGGV


KathNiel + Similar Likes

Baby Kath and Tatay DJ x

bakit ang hot niyo?? ♥_♥

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